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About Verity

John Joe Muldoon

Bellaghy born and bred John Joe Muldoon grew up the son of a grocer and an all round gentleman. He learned about running a business tagging on the shirt tail of his father.


Financial solutions for life and work.

We’ve been in the financial services sector since 1992. Using the breadth and depth of understanding, gleaned through years of business and life experience, our goal is to bring you the peace of mind that your financial planning is in safe hands. This will leave you free to make better informed choices. Good for you, good for your business and good for your family.

These values have stayed with him as he embarked on his professional life. Graduating top of his year in business management at Queen’s he became among the first tranche of qualified and certified Financial Advisers in Northern Ireland and he continues to keep his financial and insurance certifications up to date through examination and continuous professional development. He is a man on top of his game professionally.

Throughout his life, John Joe has brought his financial expertise, his business acumen and his whole-life experience together with each client he advises, with the simple aim of making their lives more secure, more rewarding, better!

John Joe most certainly knows every in and out of the financial services market, and he marries that with his own zest for and appreciation of life and community.

Our Approach

Verity Financial can help you to achieve that. We won’t overwhelm you with financial jargon. We will do the research into your lifestyle and into the market to find what works best for you. And we’ll stay with you through the years, honing and adapting your financial life to meet the changes and challenges of your whole life.

Our Mission

Our vision as a group is to give and receive 100% in everything, be it providing financial advice or providing graphic designs – this is at the heart of our business’ success. You have joined us in the pursuit of that goal so thank you and please use this opportunity to participate in our growth, and contribute to our team.

Our Vision

“We help our clients turn success into significance.” “We help our clients understand the financial implications of the life decisions they make.” “Because it’s YOUR money and it’s YOUR life.” “Sound advice to help you build your future.”

To build an enduring Wealth Management firm that can support multiple generations and is valued and trusted by clients and peers. This will contribute to the growth and development of our industry and the impact it has on clients, peers, and fellow small business owners.